Please Keep In Prayer...

Please scroll down for a listing of all those who are sick, in the military, and the recently deceased.

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Pray for those who are sick

Walter J. Bednarczyk. Jr

Antonio Buffolino

Catherine Dillon

Sean Pokress

Michael Pereia

Diane Lamparter

Fran Valente

Linda Salvo

Angie Valenti

Fran Vellardo

Alvett Davidi

Charlene Licht

Anthony Mencarelli

Tony Palermo

Jimmy Landano

Jeanne Caprise

Max Rempe

Gayle Philips

Mary Murphy

Madison Milio (6 yrs old)

Michael Caplice

Rose Cangialosi

Evelyn Whittington

Giuseppe Sposito

Francesca Posillico

Janeen D'Angelo

Bernice Campbell

Michael P. Caplan

Steven Cintron

Luisito Diaz

Yolando Tirado

Mary Grace Parkans

John Bambinelli

Mary Murphy

Carl Arnheiter

Robert Brady

Ralph Marino

Marian Marino

Norma Prus

Nancy Kelly

Hannah Parker

Sara Bruno

Rose Marie Reder

Gordon Shaw

Jack Monteforte

Joshua Barraso

Carley Barten

Denise Pratesi

Kwame Toshambe

Carolyn M. Callahan

Anna Cuevas

Vincent Mannetta

Santina Hammerlie

Brenda Marinacci

Michael F.

Jackie & James F.

Angela Burns

Homer Dennison

Vincenza Berasti

Josephine Marano

Joan Keyes

Michal Wetter

Rosaria Canadeo

Maryann Seales

Grace Bivona

Eileen Janec

Joan Walsh

Carmela Diaz

Joan Echausse

Christine Clancy

Chris Caplice

Bob Leo

Margaret Caccamo

Henry Shaw

Emily Shaw

Julie Knight

Shannon Kula

Anne Gibbone

Ann Peduto

Ann Benedick

Names placed on the sick list will remain for four weeks. Please call the parish office to remove or add a loved one

Or, submit your request below.

Pray for those who have died

Michael C. Brereton

William A. Britton

Agnes L. Otto

Marie Appello

Pray for those who serve in the military

Sgt. Jason Howland, National Guard Army

Sgt. Victor Raynoso, USMC

Lt. Col. Charles J. Tulaney, USMC

Sgt. Craig Clark, US Army

Adam C. Belding, SPC US Army in Korea

Andrew Lyons

Neil Falls Percifull, US Army

Mike Tarsa, LTC US Marine

James E. Geiselman, US Army in Afghanistan

Major James McLean

Chao Li, US Army

Staff Sgt. Christopher Schultz, US Army

2nd Lt. Kurth McDermott, USMC

Lawrence Marquez, US Army

Staff Sgt. Edwin Philip Julean, USMC in Afghanistan

Staff Sgt. Rodney Agustin, USMC

1st Lt. Brendan T. Echausse, US Army

Lt. Cody McDonald in Afghanistan

Christopher Counts, U.S. Marine in Afghanistan

Major Matthew Kessler, US Marine

Vladimir Julin, US Navy Petty Officer

SR Charles Zaino, USN

2nd Lt. Conor Simons, US Army

Hunter Margolnick, US Marine Corp

E2 Demetrios Vrahnas, 4th Infantry Division, US Army in Afghanistan

Hajin Choi, USMC

SPC Frederico Resende, US Army Mountain Division Afghanistan

Rigoberto Castro, USMC

Master Sgt. Stephen Eagnelli, USAF

Thomas Ruse, LCpl, USMC

James Eugene, US Marine

Alvin Jordan

Jim Arbelaez, US Marine

Richard Bush, US Army 

Steven Federlien, Navy Reservist

Christopher Ponsot

US Army Sergeant John Patrick Riffle

Johanna Romero, US Marine

Kenneth Furst, USMC

Sgt. Madzsima Nerestant, USMC

Master Sgt. Jill Agront

Lucky Issac Jacques, USP US Army in Iraq

Corp. Jerry Kubis, US Marine

Sgt. Robert Thomas Ludwig, US Army

Sgt. 1st Class Sean Schenck, US Army in Germany

Jarrett Corbin, US Navy in Japan

Sr. Chief Brian Berretta, US Navy

Neale John Marquez, US Marine

Matthew Cote, US Marine 

Nicholas Farino, US Army

Danilo Del Pino, Jr., US Army in Germany

Thomas Del Pino, US Army

Lt. Jessica Serafin - US Navy in Kabul, Afghanistan



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