Losing a Loved One at St. Brigid's - A Catholic Funeral

     At the time of the death of a loved one, the small things in life are no longer significant as we begin to think about what is most important in life -- relationship with others and relationship with our God who is always there to love us and help us in our time of need. At this time the Lord draws us closer to Himself. Some people will find that they are praying more or in a new and better way; others who have not been too involved in the Church sense a need to return and come closer to the Lord and the Church.

     These feelings are the Lord calling us to Himself. They are special graces and signs of His love. They are also the fruits of the prayers of your loved one who sees the face of the Lord and loves you even more than when he or she was on this earth. This is a special and beautiful time of grace.

     We want you to know how welcome you are in your Church. This is your home. This is where you belong. Everyone on the Parish Staff is praying for you and we would be so happy to do anything to help you. You only have to call on us. Remember, you will never be closer to your loved one than when you receive the Lord Jesus in Holy Communion. At every Mass, earth unites with heaven and heaven kisses earth. At that moment the whole Family of Christ is One at the Table of the Lord awaiting that day when we will all be together at the Lord's table in Heaven.


Tools to Help with Funeral Planning (click on the resource you desire): 

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