3/4/18 Fr. Rony 25th Anniversary Reception

2/18/18 25th & 50th Anniversary Mass and Reception

2/9/18 Catechist Dinner

6/18/17 Fr. Jason's Farewell Party

We took the time this Father's Day to say goodbye to Fr. Jason, and to celebrate and thank him for all he has done these past four years. We wish him well as he leaves our parish to begin his studies at Catholic University in Washington D.C.

Many thanks to Jeanne DeMasters, who organized the event, and photographer Lou Marchesi for his excellent pictures.

6/4/17 5:00pm Baptisms-Confirmations

6/4/17 1:00pm Communions-Confirmations

6/3/17 3:00pm Communions

6/3/17 1:00pm Baptisms-Communions

4/23/17 Baptisms-Communions

4/15/17 The Easter Vigil at St. Brigid

4/15/17 Holy Saturday Morning at St. Brigid

4/13/17 Holy Thursday at St. Brigid

We thank photographer
Lou Marchesi for most of the
more recent photos
used on this website.