Challenging times for our Church

As perhaps you may have already read in either in the newspaper or on the diocesan website, last February, the Child Victim’s Act was signed into law, a law that will suspend any statute of limitations associated with alleged sexual abuse of a minor. This law will allow lawsuits to be brought against individuals as well as public and private institutions, regardless of how many years or even decades ago the abuse may have taken place. This law goes into effect this Wednesday, August 14. 

The diocese has created a special website that contains a video message from Bishop Barres as well as a page that will answer frequently asked questions regarding the nature of the lawsuits, how the diocese is planning to handle these issues both legally as well as financially, as well as a history concerning the strides that have been made over these past 17 years in addressing the issue of clergy sexual abuse here in our diocese. 

We urge you to become as  informed as possible regarding this critical time in our Church’s  history. As members of the body of Christ, we are always spiritually connected to those who have been harmed in any way by this crisis. We also have an obligation to share facts, when appropriate, to those who might be either misinformed or confused. .Most importantly, we pray that the light of the Holy Spirit will continue to guide us in the future. 

Once again, we invite you to become familiar with this website and the information it contains.