Mass of Remembrance for all our Children - 4/27

Father Tony offers this special Mass for all deceased children on this Saturday, April 27 at 11am in Saint Brigid's Church. Father Tony has said, "Throughout my priesthood, it has been apparent to me that, of all the losses that people endure in their lifetime, the loss of a child is so painful. During the Easter Season, on the weekend of Divine Mercy, we want to have a special Mass of Remembrance for all your children or grandchildren who have died. Whether your child was an infant or a fully mature adult, that loss needs to be honored at a time when the Church comes to proclaim that the Risen Lord Jesus, the One who has conquered death, desires to bring healing to all our brokenness and pain."

We invite you to spread the word to any neighbor or friend whom you think might want to be part of such a Mass of Remembrance. We ask you to submit the names of the children for whom we will pray that day, because in the course of the liturgy each child’s name will be mentioned so that we can feel their loving presence praying for us at the same time. In that beautiful reading of names, we will invite family members to present a flower to the altar in honor of their child. These flowers will then be placed at the foot of the statue of Our Lady of Westbury as she gathers these little ones under the mantle of her love.