Fr. Kevin McDonald and Our Parish Lenten Retreat - April 6 to 11

Beginning Today is a four-night Lenten mission - an opportunity to listen, to pray, to reflect
and to be invited to recommit ourselves to the gift of God’s saving love for us. Our parish Lenten retreat this year will be given by Father Kevin MacDonald, a Redemptorist priest from Woburn, Massachusetts, about ten miles north of Boston.

Father Kevin entered the Redemptorist missionary order after attending Boston College and playing seven years of professional baseball with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization and overseas in Holland and Australia. He is a member of the Boston College Hall of Fame.

Ordained in 1991, he has worked as a parish priest in Dominica, New York, Boston, St. Lucia, and the Virgin Islands. He is currently assigned to the Redemptorist Community in New Smyrna Beach, Fl.

Father Kevin will be preaching at all of our Masses on the weekend of April 6 -
7, and certainly, from his charismatic energy, you will not want to miss this event in our
parish! What a great opportunity for us to invite those who feel distant from the Church or
even stuck in their relationship with the Lord.