A Spiritual Blog - "Fishers of Men"

The newly formed blog, “Fishers of Men” is meant not only for men, but for all who desire to know God more intimately.  The men involved with this blog have dedicated themselves to daily prayer, discernment & the writing of weekly reflections that will tie directly into the upcoming week’s Sunday Gospel.  The goals of this blog include; but are not limited to:

  • offering the men of our parish an opportunity to connect with other men who want to move closer to Christ,
  • developing relationships with others who share this desire know God more intimately,
  • and to promote active prayer, discernment of scripture and discipleship via the Holy Spirit. 

There are five men involved with this endeavor.  They have decided to use pen or pseudo names when they post their reflections.  The reason for this was to add an element of mystery & excitement to the blog.  After all, is not our God both of these things, mystery & excitement? Their pen names are as follows: Bernard of Clairvaux, The Older Brother, Theophilus, Anonymous & The Pilgrim.  In reading this, you are being invited to follow these men on the journeys each of us share.  Their simple request is that you try following the blog and to consider it as another tool to build your spiritual house.  

As Jesus offered an invitation to his first "Fishers of Men," when he simply said, "Come and see!" 

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