It's Presepio Time Again

Our presepio is in the process of being put together and we are looking for talented volunteers to help complete decorating and make the presepio come alive! Volunterers are needed especially for the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 23rd, from
10:00 - 5:00. anyone interested in helping can contact Jay Bush at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information

One of the great traditions of Saint Brigid's, is that our Church hosts a magnificent presepio. Each year we look at it, and while it is a familiar part of our Advent-Christmas display in the Church, we may not quite know what it is all about.

The tradition of the presepio (as it appears in our church) comes from southern Italy where the traditional scene of Bethlehem is really immersed in an Italian village. In our presepio, Joseph and Mary make their way to Bethlehem, beginning their journey at a model of Saint Brigid's Church. In their journey, they pass through the "village" composed of shops, homes and eating places typical of an Italian village. Then, by Christmas Eve, Joseph and Mary have made their way to the place of birth. Surrounding the area of Christ's birth are not only the shepherds and the magi but people from across the globe (and animals as well) signifying that all creation has been affected by the Word made flesh.

The idea of the presepio tells us that the message of hope (the message of Advent) transforms our Church and our village as we come alive in anticipation again of the celebration of the great promise of God's faithful love to all of us. As Joseph and Mary make their way throughout our village, may we come alive in that hope that God, once again, renews his covenant of love with each one of us.