Windows, Doors! Plus - Revised Mass Schedule 10/1 to 10/12

Monday, October 1st, the Church will again be closed until Friday October 12th in
order for Bovard Studios to return the remaining windows of the Church. 

The next project on the horizon will be the refurbishing of the front and side doors of the
Church and the replacement of the two rear doors of the Church (the ones that are
adjacent to the cemetery). The front and side doors have both structural integrity as well
as being the original doors of the Church - so we will do all that is necessary to restore
them completely. The rear doors were added to the Church afterwards and lack the same
durability as the other doors and consequently are unable to be salvaged. They will be
replaced with doors that are more durable and permanent.

Weekday Masses for Monday October 1st until Friday, October 12th (Monday through Saturday morning) will take place in Saint Anthony's Hall according to the schedule found below.

During this time when the Church will be closed for Masses, we will ask our neighboring parishes (Our Lady of Hope, Saint Ignatius and Holy Family) once again to accommodate us for any funerals. As for the weddings and other events that have been scheduled, they will still take place in the Church at this time.

So many projects have already been accomplished since we began the capital campaign some two years ago.

  • A new energy-efficient gas boiler was installed in the Church.
  • The bathroom in the Church was refurbished.
  • New structural supports for the interior of Saint Anthony's were put into place along with the incredibly beautiful "face-lift" of windows, walls, flooring and ceiling of Saint Anthony's Hall.
  • New offices were created on the second floor of Saint Anthony's Hall.
  • A new entrance way and a new reception area for parish business was established in the front of Saint Anthony's Hall.
  • The food pantry was moved to the renovated space of the Schaefer Center.
  • The interior of the Church was painted with the refurbishing of the pews and the creation of the side-altar shrines.
  • The sanctuary space was reconfigured with the tabernacle in the center.
  • And now, the stained glass windows are to be re-installed in the next month

What lies ahead? We still need to repair the main doors of the Church and possibly replace the rear doors. We are still looking to relocate the air-handlers of our Church air conditioning along with condensers that use the Freon that is in compliance with EPA standards. And yes -- the air conditioning in the school chapel will be the final piece. With everyone's help, we will get there!


Weekday Masses will take place in Saint Anthony's Hall: 
Monday morning October 1 through Saturday morning October 6
Monday morning October 8 through Saturday morning October 11

Weekend Masses of October 6 and 7 will take place in Our Lady's Chapel in the School (101 Maple Ave).

We go back to a regular Mass schedule on Saturday, October 13.