Prayer for the Reunification of Families

Father in heaven, your son, 
Jesus, was born into this world, 
born into a human family and 
made holy and sacred the bonds 
of family love.

As Jesus grew in
wisdom and knowledge through
the caring ministry of his parents,
Joseph and Mary, so now may
Jesus bless all children so that
they too may have he
opportunities to grow to full

We pray dear Father for those
children who now became
separated from their parents at
our nation's borders.

May Mary,
the mother of your Son, Jesus,
enfold these children in the
mantle of her protection.

Please bless the work of all those
who are dedicated to reunite
parents and children. Shelter
these children from needless fear
and further violence. Protect their
parents who seek reunification.

May the dreams and hopes that
you, dear Father, have for these
young people and their parents
come to fruition through your
generous mercy and our
compassionate care.

This we ask,
through Jesus, our Savior and our
Lord, Amen.