Updated Videos on Catholic Social Teaching

We continue our sharing of good Catholic Social Teaching Videos here on our parish website by offering some new additions (as you scroll down, you will find our older videos as well).  We're building up this online exploration of Catholic Social Teaching - and will continue to do so.

Catholic Social Teaching has its roots in the Teachings of Jesus, the Scriptures, and the entire Tradition of the Church.  Since the 1800's, magisterial Catholic Social Teaching comes to us in encyclicals and other formal documents of the Church.  Some in our Church call Catholic Social Justice Teaching "the greatest secret" in our Church because it is not often taught as a body of teaching in formational courses.  Clearly, though, saying "Yes" to following Jesus challenges us all to live lives in relationship with God and others which demand charity and justice.  And Catholic Social Teaching provides a blueprint to that end for those who believe in Jesus.


St. Brigid's Parish works hard to effect the "two feet" of Catholic Social Teaching - charity and justice - in our outreach to those in need.  Catholic Social Justice Teaching drives our entire parish outreach effort.  Here are some videos that help explore various themes of and applications in Catholic Social Teaching.