The Return of the Stained Glass Windows

Well, it has been well over six months now since our beautiful stained glass windows took a trip to Iowa. They will finally all be installed by mid October! But there is some important information that affects our worship and our worship spaces.

To facilitate the speed of this tedious process of re-installing the stained glass windows, we will again need to close the Church (with the exception of weddings and the Padre Pio Mass of Transitus which will still take place in the Church as scheduled.

Weekday Masses will take place in Saint Anthony's Hall: 

Monday, September 10 through Saturday morning, September 15
Monday morning September 17 through Saturday morning September 22
Monday morning October 1 through Saturday morning October 6
Monday morning October 8 through Saturday morning October 11

Weekend Masses of September 15-16 AND October 6 - 7 will take place in the school:

Saturday 5pm and 7:00pm, Sunday 7, 8:30, 10, 11:30, 2:30 and 6pm will be in the school chapel
Sunday 9:15, 10:45 and 12:15 will be in Code Auditorium



Support a Child in Our Religious Ed Program

Do you want to help make a difference in the life of a child? If you said "yes," consider making a donation to our parish's Religious Education Scholarship Fund.

To learn more about this fund, please click HERE.

Saint Brigid/Our Lady of Hope Golf Outing

Our Summer Raffle is Back!


Here we are in the midst of another summer! At this time of year, some people will take vacation time, or perhaps, spend a little more time with loved ones resting and relaxing at parks and beaches here on Long Island, or elsewhere. It's also time for our annual summer fund raising event: St. Brigid's Summer Raffle!

This special raffle is a major fund raiser to assist the parish in support of the ministries of Jesus that take place here. Net proceeds from this annual fund raiser are about $20,000 per year! At the same time, though, this raffle will give all who participate an opportunity to win some nice cash prizes! That is a win-win event!

The drawing will take place on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend (September 2, 2018), after the 10:00 a.m. Mass. Remember, you do not have to be present to win (but we do love to see you at our 10:00 a.m. Mass!)

So, why not join us in this summer game of chance – and try to win a nice prize while at the same time supporting the important work of Saint Brigid Parish? Thanks in advance as you continue to assist our great parish in participating in the mission of Jesus.

How Can I Participate?

You should have already received raffle tickets in the mail. If you did not receive your tickets, or if you would like to purchase more tickets, call the Parish Center at 516-334-0021. You may also pick up additional tickets at the Parish Center at St. Anthony's Hall, 85 Post Avenue, Westbury, NY 11590.

*The above ticket is only a sample - please do not print and submit the sample ticket for the raffle!

You can also participate in the raffle by filling out the online form below:


Fr. Tony's Latest Update on Church Renovations

Where do we stand these days with the Church renovation?  Well, we're on our way!

Click here to access the most recent update from Fr. Tony on the Renovation

Prayer for the Reunification of Families

Father in heaven, your son, 
Jesus, was born into this world, 
born into a human family and 
made holy and sacred the bonds 
of family love.

As Jesus grew in
wisdom and knowledge through
the caring ministry of his parents,
Joseph and Mary, so now may
Jesus bless all children so that
they too may have he
opportunities to grow to full

We pray dear Father for those
children who now became
separated from their parents at
our nation's borders.

May Mary,
the mother of your Son, Jesus,
enfold these children in the
mantle of her protection.

Please bless the work of all those
who are dedicated to reunite
parents and children. Shelter
these children from needless fear
and further violence. Protect their
parents who seek reunification.

May the dreams and hopes that
you, dear Father, have for these
young people and their parents
come to fruition through your
generous mercy and our
compassionate care.

This we ask,
through Jesus, our Savior and our
Lord, Amen.



Check out "FORMED" - An Exciting New Website for you to Enjoy!

Welcome to “Formed” - a Catholic website giving you the best in Catholic teaching and inspiration Imagine that you would have a resource in your home to access inspirational videos, instructive audios, downloadable books and articles, and even movies that would present good Catholic teaching.

Imagine that from your computer, tablet or smartphone you would be able to access in one place inspirational speakers such as Dr. Scott Hahn or even Bishop Fulton Sheen. Imagine a place where you could search out answers to your own particular questions about the faith. This resource is entitled FORMED.

As a member of Saint Brigid’s parish you are given FREE ACCESS to this website -- joining is simple.

1. On your web browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone type in the following address:

2. Go to the tab “Register” and type in your name, email address and a special password that you will remember.

3. You will see a ton of resources at your fingertips.

Once you register, Fr. Tony will be able to send you links to some really great stuff that can help you in your own faith-formation journey, videos that can help you prepare for next week’s liturgies, resources for kids and teens and so much more. Spread the word to others -- registration is free and through our parish subscription you have access to so many great Catholic resources.

The NEW Schaefer Outreach Center

What began as a convent for Saint Brigid's school almost 85 years ago is now transformed into our Outreach Center. Over five years ago, Father Ralph had a dream of bringing all the outreach services (Saint Brigid's Well, Casa Mary Johanna and our Food Pantry) into a single building. For various reasons, the original site of the outreach center was not able to be materialized. Soon after Father Tony arrived, we had various parish-wide listening sessions (among our various language groups) and we had decided to bring all of the outreach services into the Schaefer Center.

In some respects, the decision was already being made for us; the leases of the buildings where both the Well and Casa Mary Johanna were operating were no longer able to be extended. Those services moved into the Schaefer Center, sharing spaces with the administrative and clergy offices in the parish. Soon a plan was developed to renovate the second floor of Saint Anthony's Hall, move the clergy and administration out of the Schaefer Center, and make room so that the food pantry could enter into a newly renovated space in the Schaefer Center. And so, here we are, five years in the planning, and finally Father Ralph's dream has now come to pass.
Since January of this past year, we have been fixing walls and painting and carpeting the Schaefer Outreach Center. We have constructed safe and hygienic food storage areas, as well as created new office spaces for the volunteers and director of the food pantry. Joan Echausse and Ximena Aravena take on new offices on the first floor and Yanira Chacon, Barbara Powell and Lupé Ramirez expand their needed space on the second floor. In addition, a new space was created for baby items that can be given to expectant mothers.
The work of creating the Schaefer Outreach Center also entailed some structural work to keep the building safe and dry -- new leaders and gutters as well as a new drainage system and upgraded electrical wiring was put into place. A new walkway was created so as to allow food deliveries to be able to be brought more easily to the rear entrance of the Center. Finally, the remaining food and freezers are being moved into the center and all the work is on the verge of being completed.
But the work does not end there. Parish Outreach faces new challenges in the wake of growing fears among some members of the immigrant community that we serve. As TPS (temporary protected status) protections soon end for members of the Haitian, Salvadoran and Honduran immigrants, there is an understandable reluctance among some members of these communities to register for assistance when registration leaves a record that later could expose them to deportation when TPS ceases to exist. Something as simple as following the gospel directive to feed the hungry now becomes so complicated during these times that are so challenging for immigrant populations. In other words, it is not enough to simply have a nice building where services can be provided for those in need. We need to find new and creative ways to seek out and reach those people who may be reluctant to come to us for assistance. Our Parish Outreach will grow -- but only as the result of a combined prayer and determination of all of our parishioners to carry out that which Jesus has called us to do for the least of his brothers and sisters.

Updated Videos on Catholic Social Teaching

We continue our sharing of good Catholic Social Teaching Videos here on our parish website by offering some new additions (as you scroll down, you will find our older videos as well).  We're building up this online exploration of Catholic Social Teaching - and will continue to do so.

Catholic Social Teaching has its roots in the Teachings of Jesus, the Scriptures, and the entire Tradition of the Church.  Since the 1800's, magisterial Catholic Social Teaching comes to us in encyclicals and other formal documents of the Church.  Some in our Church call Catholic Social Justice Teaching "the greatest secret" in our Church because it is not often taught as a body of teaching in formational courses.  Clearly, though, saying "Yes" to following Jesus challenges us all to live lives in relationship with God and others which demand charity and justice.  And Catholic Social Teaching provides a blueprint to that end for those who believe in Jesus.


St. Brigid's Parish works hard to effect the "two feet" of Catholic Social Teaching - charity and justice - in our outreach to those in need.  Catholic Social Justice Teaching drives our entire parish outreach effort.  Here are some videos that help explore various themes of and applications in Catholic Social Teaching.


St. Brigid "Attic" Thrift Shop is looking for you!

Can you spare a couple of hours each week? If your answer is yes...

...then St. Brigid’s Attic Thrift Shop would love to have you join our dedicated, fun loving volunteers to help make a difference for the less fortunate. The Attic is open Monday thru Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

There are volunteer opportunities available Tuesday through Saturday. When you volunteer, you help make a difference in our community.

Working together, we can help those who shop in our store and contribute to the support of Parish Outreach. Please call Millie at 516-455-3556 to learn more about how you can help. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

What's happening to our stained glass windows!

During Easter Sunday, when so many people came to our Church, many marveled at the renovated beauty of the Church. Some however were greatly disturbed by the fact that some of the windows are missing.

"Are you replacing the windows with clear plexiglass?" asked some. Others said, "Are you getting new windows?" 

So, let's be clear.

The windows are the jewels of our Church. The need for repair of these windows came to us in 1985 during the time of the renovation of Father Fred Schaefer. There was no money at that time to do anything about the bad shape of the windows. In 2005, it was estimated that soon the windows would fall out of their frames unless something was done immediately.

It was the desire to restore these beautiful works of art that originally drove the campaign to renovate the Church in the first place. So next came the process of interviewing many vendors.

One vendor said that they could do the work at the cost of about one million dollars.

Another vendor said, "Let's just fix the windows that are in worst need and save the rest for another day."

Another vendor said, "I can work on the stained glass windows without removing them from the Church."

The vendor that was chosen, based on price and reliability, was Bovard Studios. They have had a long history of working on stained glass windows for many years, and restored many of our Churches on Long Island. Based in Iowa, this company is a leading artisan for stained glass repair and restoration.

So what is the process? Each window is removed. When possible, the existing plexiglass safety covering (installed sometime in the 60's), is left in place in order to afford the Church light and security. The upper windows, where there is no plexiglass safety covering, are replaced temporarily with plywood covering. Then the windows are shipped to Iowa where each window is disassembled, cleaned, re-leaded, and fitted back into a new custom-made aluminum frame with a separate channel for a clear protective glass covering. Then the whole unit is shipped back and re-installed in their new frames. The overall cost of the project is about a quarter of a million dollars.

The windows are being removed during the weeks of April 9th and April 16th. They will be returned to us in September! In the meantime, the Church will look a lot brighter -- but somewhat barren of its beauty. We pray that the work goes well and that our Church will shine even more beautifully come the fall!

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