Mass of Remembrance for all our Children - 4/27

Father Tony offers this special Mass for all deceased children on this Saturday, April 27 at 11am in Saint Brigid's Church. Father Tony has said, "Throughout my priesthood, it has been apparent to me that, of all the losses that people endure in their lifetime, the loss of a child is so painful. During the Easter Season, on the weekend of Divine Mercy, we want to have a special Mass of Remembrance for all your children or grandchildren who have died. Whether your child was an infant or a fully mature adult, that loss needs to be honored at a time when the Church comes to proclaim that the Risen Lord Jesus, the One who has conquered death, desires to bring healing to all our brokenness and pain."

We invite you to spread the word to any neighbor or friend whom you think might want to be part of such a Mass of Remembrance. We ask you to submit the names of the children for whom we will pray that day, because in the course of the liturgy each child’s name will be mentioned so that we can feel their loving presence praying for us at the same time. In that beautiful reading of names, we will invite family members to present a flower to the altar in honor of their child. These flowers will then be placed at the foot of the statue of Our Lady of Westbury as she gathers these little ones under the mantle of her love.

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Info on our Regional School Centennial Gala (5/4)

Some Volunteer Opportunities Here at St. Brigid's...

Servers at our funeral liturgies: Visitors who come to Saint Brigid’s remark about the warmth and welcome that they feel when they enter our Church. This is especially mentioned to Father Tony at the time of a funeral. Our adults who serve at the liturgies as part of our ministry of consolation bring that special care to people in their moment of loss.

We are looking for more volunteers who can help us in this ministry. Volunteers would need to be available on weekdays in the morning hours. If you are interested, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Security Personnel for after school activities: We are seeking people with a background in security or law enforcement to assist us in the security of our school building during after-school activities.

Presently we are looking to cover the hours from 3:30pm until 8pm during the days when after-school activities are taking place. If anyone can assist us, we ask you to call our business office at the parish center (516-334-0021 ext. 336) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Baptism host or hostess: Our parish celebration of Baptism takes place on Sundays at 1pm. We would need volunteers who might be available at that time to assist the priest or deacon in setting out the reserved signs for each family whose child is to be baptized, to welcome guests as they arrive and assist them in finding their place and to assist the priest or deacon in the actual celebration of the sacrament.

Anyone interested can email Father Tony at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Latest Financial Report for our "For the Love of Mercy" Capital Campaign

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Pictures from our Lenten Retreat are Now Available!

To view photos from our Parish Lenten Retreat with Fr. Kevin MacDonald, please click HERE.

Many thanks to Lou Marchesi for taking these pictures! 

A Spiritual Blog - "Fishers of Men"

The newly formed blog, “Fishers of Men” is meant not only for men, but for all who desire to know God more intimately.  The men involved with this blog have dedicated themselves to daily prayer, discernment & the writing of weekly reflections that will tie directly into the upcoming week’s Sunday Gospel.  The goals of this blog include; but are not limited to:

  • offering the men of our parish an opportunity to connect with other men who want to move closer to Christ,
  • developing relationships with others who share this desire know God more intimately,
  • and to promote active prayer, discernment of scripture and discipleship via the Holy Spirit. 

There are five men involved with this endeavor.  They have decided to use pen or pseudo names when they post their reflections.  The reason for this was to add an element of mystery & excitement to the blog.  After all, is not our God both of these things, mystery & excitement? Their pen names are as follows: Bernard of Clairvaux, The Older Brother, Theophilus, Anonymous & The Pilgrim.  In reading this, you are being invited to follow these men on the journeys each of us share.  Their simple request is that you try following the blog and to consider it as another tool to build your spiritual house.  

As Jesus offered an invitation to his first "Fishers of Men," when he simply said, "Come and see!" 

Click here to be brought to the blog!

Please Read this Important Message if you Shop on Amazon

Did you know that St. Brigid's is a registered charity with Amazon Smile who will receive a donation from Amazon when you make online purchases through ?

Over 100 families at St. Brigid's have done this very thing!  And, to date, the parish has benefitted to the tune of just under $900.00 in cash from Amazon!

How do you register St. Brigid's with your Amazon account?  Click Here to obtain the link to Amazon Smile to set yourself up to have St. Brigid's registered as your charity of choice.

And to the 102 families who have already done so.... THANK YOU!  

Church Door Project is Underway!

Permission has been granted by the diocese for us to begin the work on restoring the Church
doors. Over the next few weeks, temporary doors will be put into place while our beautiful doors
are being refinished.

Why Not Sponsor a Parish Teen for the National Catholic Youth Conference?

In a distinctly Catholic setting,
the National Catholic Youth Conference invites participants
to encounter Christ, experience church,
and be empowered for discipleship.

The National Catholic Youth Conference, frequently referred to as NCYC, is a three-day event for Roman Catholic youth held in the U.S. every two years. The next NCYC is scheduled for November 21-23 in Indianapolis.

The Conference is organized by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM). During the conference, there is music, prayer, workshops, liturgy, and opportunities to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. There are also concerts, dances, and a comedy club at NCYC. An area, known as the "thematic park", is set up with interactive educational and recreational activities, as well as traditional exhibits and vendor booths.

Teenagers from Youth@SaintBrigid, our parish Youth Ministry, have attended in 2015 and 2017. Participants have come back sharing how the conference was life-changing and faith-igniting.

Dear Friends,
        As we begin planning for the 2019 National Catholic Youth Conference, we ask you to consider sponsoring our Youth@SaintBrigid attendance. Registration is $245.00 per teen. Please pray about this opportunity to help build the young church.

God Bless You!

Vince Buzzeo, Coordinator of Youth Ministry at St. Brigid Church


Use the donation button below to make your secured donation to help support this great opportunity for our youth!  


(To the extent provided by law, your donation for this purpose may be tax deductible.  Please consult your tax advisor)

What is this thing called, "FORMED"?...

Welcome to “Formed” - a Catholic website giving you the best in Catholic teaching and inspiration Imagine that you would have a resource in your home to access inspirational videos, instructive audios, downloadable books and articles, and even movies that would present good Catholic teaching.

Imagine that from your computer, tablet or smartphone you would be able to access in one place inspirational speakers such as Dr. Scott Hahn or even Bishop Fulton Sheen. Imagine a place where you could search out answers to your own particular questions about the faith. This resource is entitled FORMED.

As a member of Saint Brigid’s parish you are given FREE ACCESS to this website -- joining is simple.

1. On your web browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone type in the following address:

2. Go to the tab “Register” and type in your name, email address and a special password that you will remember.

3. You will see a ton of resources at your fingertips.

Once you register, Fr. Tony will be able to send you links to some really great stuff that can help you in your own faith-formation journey, videos that can help you prepare for next week’s liturgies, resources for kids and teens and so much more. Spread the word to others -- registration is free and through our parish subscription you have access to so many great Catholic resources.

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