The Well and the Woman

The Well and the Woman - Thursday March 23


How should a thinking, caring female process The Word when the words leaves you cold.  As was the case with John’s Gospel 4:5-22.  


Surrounded by a group of women this week, so many of us were put off by the words and exchange between Jesus and the Samaritan Woman.  It is downright hard to overlook the brusque manner in which our Savior addresses this woman.  I mean, who does He think He is?  Oh, right …


Another question to deepen the divide, who gave Him the right to speak to her this way? As if she is second class.  With hesitation I add, the answer is, God did. So, as a female, am I to accept the second class station in life, in the Catholic Church, at the Well?


God is more complex than male and female as two opposing and entirely different entities with different stations.  There are characteristics perhaps more prevalent in some people than others.  The message of God needs to be delivered, that is the goal.  And perhaps it is the characteristics of the Samaritan Woman that are specifically chosen by God to accomplish the goal.    Look at the magnitude of exchange that went on between Jesus and the Woman.  He exposed her vulnerability, whatever it was that was keeping her from communing with others, was exposed for a reason … not to judge and demean but to strip away the covering, release her from whatever “shame” she had so that she could recognize the Living Water.  And whence she did, the union was complete.




In her newly found exuberance she tore from the well like a blossoming current through a canyon.  Her water jug and the trivial cares that bound her before were discarded by the wayside.  She, was a glorious Apostle like no other.  


Boom.  the Message delivered.  By a Woman … at The Well.



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