Clean of Heart


Today we have the great privilege to hear God’s plan for us to find happiness.  We have these eight ways that God himself, in the person of Jesus, tells us we can be happy.  I think each of them deserves a reflection unto themselves. I would like to focus on just one in this reflection, “Blessed are the clean of heart, for they will see God.”


So often today people tell us they have to multi-task.  How true that is.  The demands of life in our culture often pull us in many different directions.  It would be very easy to say that we should simplify our lives.  The reality though for all of us who have responsibilities is that we are going to have many things to juggle, that very simply is how life is today.  Our minds are very likely going to be filled with many things.  If we were to have a single-focused mind, then chances are we would not be able to accomplish what we need to accomplish, If I said, you know I am not going to focus on my work any longer and just focus on praying all day or I am not going to focus on providing for my wife and my children and I am just going to do spiritual reading all day, well the reality is I would find myself in big trouble.  We must pay attention to the many responsibilities in our lives. 


Our minds must be on those things.  Our minds are very crowded with the day-to-day things, the noise of our lives, but the question must be how crowded are our hearts?  In other words, what is at the core of who we are? Do I focus on my work because I love my family or do I focus on my work because I think it will me make me rich or powerful?  What fills my heart?  The human brain really has the potential to multi-task. Our hearts, who we are, are not that easily capable of multi-tasking. We can so easily become divided. So we must ask ourselves, what’s really behind what drives me every day?


Let’s try to make our hearts clean.  It may not help us get everything done, but suddenly we will be doing it all with great joy. A pure heart is a happy heart.


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