Advent 2016 - Week Four Emmanuel

Has a friend ever reached out to you for help in watching their child?  Perhaps take them for a day or overnight while the parents are away. We respond in delight and simply roll their child into the fold of our own and head out to the beach or the park or whatever the day’s journey entails.  But extra care and attention is favored upon the guest child.  My family amusingly recognizes this and the charges of neglect are tossed around for good measure.  But I do admit, the responsibility of another's child certainly amps up my game a bit.

Last weekend, my husband and I unexpectedly traveled to his hometown in Pennsylvania for a dear aunt’s funeral.  So, we were one of those friends I am talking about that reached out for coverage of our own. Part way through our journey (somewhere after crossing the GW Bridge) I realized this immense comfort and gratitude knowing that my children were being well taken care of … they were safe and warm in someone else’s fold.

I bring this up because I was thinking of how God reached out to Mary & Joseph and asked them to watch over His child.  Can you even imagine being in their shoes?!  My eyes go bug-eyed just to think of it.  (I say bug-eyed, the bible more aptly calls it "fear").

Perhaps an even more awesome thought, is that God asks exactly that of each and everyone of us - to hold God’s Son in our hearts. And here is the kicker, God finds immense comfort and gratitude knowing that his Son is well taken care of, safe and warm in the folds of your heart.

Make my heart your Bethlehem!

"Be Born in Me" -- Elissa Hanson

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