"When they all saw this, they began to grumble, saying, “He has gone to stay at the house of a sinner.”

Fr. Jason called us to look at who the “they” was in the reading, and who the “they” can be in our lives, as a way of examining what can distract us from Jesus’ message.  In the reading, Fr. Jason hypothesized, the “they” may have been referring to the Pharisees, as they are often cast in this role of missing the point of Jesus’ message, simply to love each other.

But regardless of who the “they” was in the reading, the point is the same: we can often be distracted by outside forces, or even inside forces, which pull us away from Jesus’ central message. 

To stay focused on the message of Christ, the best thing we can do is to stay immersed in it.  For me, this has meant daily prayer at a site run by Irish Jesuit priests, Sacred Space.  The site is  It’s a very user-friendly site, and it works well on your computer or your phone.  I recommend starting your day there, every day.  Before I dive into the news websites (which I really shouldn’t), I stop there every morning.  You can run through the daily prayer in under two minutes, or take an hour, whichever works for you that day. 

I also recommend listening to Christian radio.  My family and I like K-Love, 96.7

By the way, I also like to go to the 12:10 Mass at the church.  I’m lucky enough to work close, so I can leave the office at noon, and be back at my desk by 1.  If you don’t work so close, see if there’s a lunch time Mass near your office. 

This may all sound simplistic, but I just think that with the sometimes-overwhelming barrage of bad news, we can all use a daily dose of the Good News.


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