Size Doesn't Matter

Sometime ago I was at a recovery meeting. During the meeting, someone was sharing their challenge with recovery concluding that they had no sobriety. In response, another member said, "I've been watching you for the last 15 minutes and I didn't notice anything wrong." The first person was focusing on what was lacking in his life, while the other was pointing to the mustard seed of recovery that he had. By asking God to increase our faith we may be neglecting to give thanks for the faith we already have, isn't asking God to increase our faith already an act of faith? Jesus said, "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed..." I read this passage as "[Even] if we have very little faith (but like my friend in the meeting, we may have more than we think) we can do a lot, we can bring about the kingdom of God on this earth. Very little faith is needed because of the power of the Holy Spirit who by alining people's lives and events, planted that mustard seed of faith in our hearts. I know it's hard to believe that size doesn't matter so let me leave you with these facts.


If You Had A Black Hole The Size Of A Nickel...

  • A black hole with the mass of a nickel would cause an explosion three times bigger than both atomic bombs combined.
  • A black hole as wide as a nickel would have slightly more mass than the Earth.
  • A black hole with the radius of a nickel would destroy the Earth and draw the moon into an elliptical orbit.
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