An Unusual Question

When I was living in California, a good friend of mine who was very active at his evangelical church invited me at his home. As I was being introduced to his family, his daughter who at the time may have been 10 years old asked me, "Does God speak to you?" This was an unusual question. No one had ever asked me this question before. In the Catholic tradition this question is not asked. It's really a two part question. I think most of us would answer, "Yes, God speaks to me." But here is the tricky second part of this question: "What is he saying to you?" At this point, I have to backtrack to the first part of the question and ask myself, "When was the last time I heard God speaking to me?" The challenging part of this question is that it is not a question of believing that God is speaking to me. He either is or isn't. If I can't tell what he is saying to me, should I then honestly say "No, God doesn't speak to me?" That doesn't sound right. Jesus died on the cross for me and he doesn't talk to me? Maybe a better response would be, "Yes, God speaks to me all the time, but ..."

A very unusual question indeed because no has ever asked me that question again. 

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