Centennial Renovation Campaign Update

UPDATE: May 17, 2017 (Work at St. Anthony's Hall)

Perhaps most of you have heard that Stasi Brothers of Westbury was awarded the contract to renovate the second floor of Saint Anthony’s and to create a new entranceway and reception area for the first floor of the building. In the course of the bidding process, it was noticed that there was a three inch “sagging” in the second floor -- a situation that was created when the support walls of the first floor were taken down (when the building was no longer going to be used as a school).

In order to reinforce the building and most particularly to even out the second floor, a new support beam is being installed between the first and second floor, and new footings are being poured in the basement of the hall to reinforce the support beams that are presently in place on the first floor. Also, within this month, asbestos abatement will take place both in the basement area as well as the second floor of Saint Anthony’s.

February 1, 2017 

The village of Westbury has recently granted the needed variances to proceed with the project and will soon be issuing the necessary building permits. In the meantime, the building office of the Diocese of Rockville Centre has given approval of the project and are assembling bid packages for construction companies to assess the project and to make their bid. 

Construction work on Saint Anthony’s may begin as soon as early March. During the course of the many listening sessions that took place in preparation for these projects, it was suggested that certain items in the Church be taken care of even before the major work in the Church is done in the winter of 2018.

Two such projects are the improvement of the lighting (using long lasting energy saving LED bulbs) as well as the as the reconstruction of the existing bathroom. The lighting project has pretty much been completed; the bathroom construction will take place next week. So, next weekend (if all goes well) take a look at the new bathroom and tell me what you think!

This weekend, I am making one final invitation for people to become engaged in the centennial campaign by making a three-year pledge. It is my hope that in this final push we may exceed our goal of $2,000,000 and therefore have the money that we will need in order to complete all of the projects that we have planned in this centennial renovation. God bless all of you for your generosity and love of Saint Brigid’s!

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