A Work in Progress - That still needs a lot of (your) help!

Our Church is finally opened now after two-and-a-half months of work. As you can see, there is still a number of projects that still need to be done in the Church. Here is a quick timetable:

Statue of the Sacred Heart: This will be placed on the side altar with the new “book of intentions” by Easter Sunday or Divine Mercy Sunday.

Pew Cushions: The new cushions covering all the pews will be put into place by the middle of April.

Wall Paintings: The paintings that have adorned the Church will be put into place over the next month.

Exterior Doors: The work on the front doors will be done sometime in the late summer or early fall, depending on the availability of funds.

Stained Glass Windows: In the middle of April, the remaining windows will be removed and
shipped to the stained-glass factory in Iowa. This tedious work of taking apart each window,
releading all the glass, placing the windows in new aluminum frames with new protective
plexiglass covering will happen over the course of the next four months. All the windows will
be retuned to the Church sometime in mid September.

Relocation of the air-handlers and upgrades to the air conditioning system. The overhaul of the air conditioning units (to allow them to be compliant with EPA regulations) as well as the relocation of the noisy air handlers will happen sometime in the fall of 2019, depending, again, on the availability of money.

While the amount of money that was pledged makes us confident that we will be able to
accomplish all of these tasks that yet need to be done in the Church, we are really dependent
upon people being faithful to their pledges. Since the time that our parish administration team
took over the process of reminding our donors about the pledges, there may well have been a
number of people who did not hear from us. Please, if you did make a pledge but have not
heard from us in the past six months, call the parish office and speak to Rob Cammarata so
that we can keep you in the billing cycle of pledge redemption.

Perhaps as you came in to the Church you were inspired to be part of the process of supporting
the renovation but did not have the opportunity to make a pledge. Again, I ask you to contact
Rob Cammarata at the parish office to make a pledge so that all of our intended projects can be
completed in a timely manner. You may contact Rob at 516-334-0021 ext. 336.