When will the Church be ready?

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With only a short time until Palm Sunday, the opening of the Church, there is an excitement about the work that has been accomplished during this time of renovation. So, what will see when the Church opens on Palm Sunday weekend? What is some of the work that is yet to be accomplished?

Painting of all interior surfaces: The columns and the stone work surrounding the windows and the stations of the cross have been repainted in a manner that ties all the stone surfaces together, giving them a rich bronzish look. The rear wall of the sanctuary as well as the rear walls of the side altars and the wall of the choir-loft have been repainted a warmer color. The interior arches of the church have received a simpler stencil-work painting. The tops of the columns received some highlights that make them stand out a little bit more. Parts of the reredos, the pulpit, as well as the backgrounds behind the statues have been marbleized. The stations of the cross were restored in such a way that the background scenery can be seen and appreciated. The broken statuary of the figures of the stations of the cross have been repaired and painted to blend with the rest of the statues.

Refurbishing the floors and pews: The wood floors have been sanded and re-stained a slightly darker color (almond walnut) to better match the walls. The pews have been sanded and re-stained. The tile floor has been reconditioned to the best of our ability. The kneelers have been re-padded and received new fabric to match the fabric of the new seat cushions. (The seat cushions may not be made ready until the end of March beginning of April). In addition, new choir chairs were ordered which also may not make their appearance here until the beginning of April.

Statues and tabernacle: Our Lady of Westbury will be placed on a new pedestal on the side altar which previously contained the Blessed Sacrament. The tabernacle, once refinished (hopefully ready by Palm Sunday but definitely ready by Easter) will be placed on its pedestal in the center of the newly painted reredos. On the other side altar in the north transept will be a new statue of the Sacred Heart, designed in the same style as "Our Lady of Westbury". Saint Patrick and Saint Brigid will be situated in the vestibule area in a manner that will bring more attention to them.

Baptismal Font: The baptismal font has been moved out of the area against the front columns into the area that was once occupied by the first row of the nave area, giving more visibility to our parish baptisms as well as freeing up the flow of traffic in the communion procession.

The doors of the Church The interior doors of the Church have been restored and repaired. the exterior doors (which need a great amount of work) will be attended to in the late summer or early fall of 2018. The rear doors (that exit from the side transepts) need to be replaced. These doors were not original to the Church and, made inferiorly to the original doors that are around the rest of the Church, are beyond repair. The original doors and the hardware will be restored and refurbished in the summer months.

The stained glass windows: These windows really are the jewels of our Church and needed the  most attention as well as the most specialized care. After interviewing a number of companies that do stained glass work, a company was chosen that did the most thorough restorative work. Unfortunately, like all great work, this will take some time to accomplish. Each window is removed and shipped out of state where it is carefully taken apart and cleaned and releaded and then inserted into a custom made aluminum frame along with a new "breathable" protective glass covering. Presently, ten of our windows have been removed and sent away. The remaining windows will be removed on the week of April 9th and returned to us sometime in September of 2018. In place of the windows (as you can already see), the old protective plexi-glass is in place in order to bring light and protection to the Church during this time of window restoration.

In short, most of the work will be accomplished when you enter on the weekend of Palm Sunday. Still, some of the work is yet to be dome (such as the stained glass windows, the doors and the air conditioning system of th Church). As each segment is done, hopefully the yet-to-be-collected money from the pledges of our campaign will continue to make all of the remaining projects able to be accomplished. With each passing month, we will see new things that will enhance the beauty and prayerfulness of the Church until the completion of all these projects in the near future.