The Side Altars of Saint Brigid's Church

The "side Altars" of Saint Brigid's parish


In the return of the tabernacle to the center of the Church sanctuary, the question naturally arises as to what will happen with the side altars or "apses" recessed within each of the transepts of the Church. In the south transept where the tabernacle presently exists, we plan to make that a shrine to the Blessed Mother, dominated by the statue of Our Lady of Westbury, and possibly accompanied by the devotional pictures of the Blessed Mother that have adorned the Church that were at one time near the statue of Our Lady of Westbury. 


The Liturgical Office of the Diocese of Rockville Centre has told us that we are not to have two large crucifixes in the Church. The main crucifix, the one that has been part of the Church since its opening, is presently positioned in the sanctuary above the wood reredos. That is where we intend to keep that crucifix. Many people have come to associate that crucifix with our Church. The other crucifix was in the north apse. In removing this second crucifix, the question arises, what can be placed there?


 The idea came that there could be a statue of Jesus in that north apse. Back in 2003, Father Martin had commissioned a special statue for his church in Notre Dame. It is unique (truly one of a kind), carved of wood and painted in the same pastel colors of our Lady of Westbury. What Father Martin had designed in this statue was the concept of Jesus, surrounded by people of all races and cultures (similar to Mary with the children). As you can see in this picture, there are adults as well as children. What you may not be able to see in this picture is the fact that all the figures are touching each other -- the idea of interconnectedness of family -- the very heart and definition of Saint Brigid's church!


The statue is expensive (hand carved wood). Were someone to want to donate this statues in memory of a loved one, a $50,000 memorial (paid over time) would cover the cost of the statue.