Bethany Retreat - a Retreat for Women by Women - 11/4

On Saturday, November 4, we are planning a day-long retreat experience for all the women in our parish right here in Code Auditorium of Saint Brigid's Church. We are hoping that these "Bethany Retreats" will become a regular event here at Saint Brigid's.

What is this Bethany Retreat all about? From the scriptures, we know that Bethany was the place where Jesus spent time with his good friends, Lazarus, Martha and Mary. For Jesus, Bethany was a place of refreshment and rejuvenation. Let's face it. If Jesus needed refreshment and rejuvenation -- so too do all of us!

Our first Bethany Retreat experience is entitled, "Being Mary in a Martha World." We know from the scriptures that these two sisters reflect the two different "pulls" in our life. We would love to be like Mary and just sit at the feet of Jesus and receive his word to us. We also know the burdens that weigh us down -- as Martha was busy with the tasks of hospitality, so too we are overwhelmed by our own busy schedules. So how can we be Mary in a Martha world?

This retreat experience is for women - given by women from the parish. It will begin with breakfast at 8:30am and carry us through the day until closing Mass at 5pm. We will be providing breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and all supplies! We are asking for $30 to cover the expense of the day. If you are interested, please fill out the registration form below and leave it at the Parish Center no later than October 27th.

For more information call Judi at 516-248-8146.  To register, fill out the form below: