So how much did we get in that Second Collection?

As you know, there is a man in our parish who made a generous offer. After hearing about the fact that we have about $100,000 gap between the pledges made for our capital campaign and the actual costs of the projects we want to accomplish, he wanted to help us bridge that gap. So he offered to match a second collection of our choice, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000. 

And so, in response to his offer, we scheduled that special second collection on the weekend of July 22 - 23 as the official "close" of the capital campaign.

So what did we receive in that collection? At the date of posting this article (Wednesday, August 2, 2017) we received over $119,100.00! from our faithful parishioners and friends! Now. with this gentleman's matching gift, we have $169,100.00! Yes, we closed the gap!

We can now certainly renovate the first floor of Saint Anthony's (new ceiling, new lighting, new walls, new windows, new baseboard heating). We can also put in needed air-conditioning in the chapel in the school. Hopefully we will even move those noisy air-handlers in the church!

A special thank you for all the generous people of this parish who love Saint Brigid's so much. Your generosity and enthusiasm make great things happen right here in Westbury!