But Where Is Mass and Confession these Days?

Note that during the Renovation of our Church building (From January, 2018 until March, 2018), services have been moved to other locations.


Saturday evening Masses

5:00pm Chapel* -- English

7:00pm Chapel -- Spanish

Sunday Masses
7:00am Chapel -- English

8:30am Chapel -- Italian

9:15am Code Auditorium* -- English

10:00am Chapel -- English

10:45am Code Auditorium -- Spanish

11:30am Chapel -- English

12:15pm Code Auditorium -- Spanish

2:30pm Chapel -- Kreyol

6:00pm Chapel -- English

* Our Lady's Chapel and Code Auditorium are located in Saint Brigid/Our Lady of Hope School, 101 Maple Avenue, Westbury


Monday through Friday
7:00am St. Anthony's Hall

9:00am St. Anthony's Hall

12:10pm St. Anthony's Hall

8:00am St. Anthony's Hall

* St. Anthony's Hall is located at 85 Post Ave, Westbury.  Limited parking is available at the rear entrance.  Additional parking is available in our Fifth Avenue lot.  Please use the REAR ENTRANCE of St. Anthony's for all services. 


Saturday 4:00pm - 4:45pm School Lobby (near the North Stairwell--English)

Monday through Friday (except on certain holidays and holy days)
12:45pm - 1:45pm St. Anthony's Hall

Please click pdf HERE (74 KB) for more detailed information, including Baptisms and Funerals during the renovation.


Where did the Parish Office Go???


Calling all Jubilarians

Once again, Saint Brigid's will have a special Mass honoring all of those who are celebrating 25 or 50 years of marriage. So, if you were married in the year 1968 or in the year 1993 we would love to honor you! Our Mass will be on Sunday, February 18th at the 11:30am Mass followed by a reception. Please contact Maria at the Parish Center no later than Monday, February 12th to register for this event. Maria may be reached at 516-334-0021, extension 333.

Lent at St. Brigid - Adoration, Stations, and Reflections

For an overview of our Lenten Programs,pdf  CLICK HERE (219 KB).

Stations of the Cross: As in the past, our celebration of Stations of the Cross will take place on the Fridays of Lent. Because the Church is closed, stations conducted in English will take place at 3pm in Saint Anthony’s Hall and Stations in Italian will take place at 7:30pm in Saint Anthony’s Hall.

Weekly adoration: Again, because the Church has been closed for renovation, we have not been able to have adoration on Monday through Thursday afternoon. However, during the season of Lent, we would like to offer adoration on Thursdays of Lent, beginning on February 15th. Adoration will begin after the 12:10 Mass and continue until 5pm that afternoon. All are invited. Daily meditations, scripture readings and music videos on our website.

Reflections: Throughout the season of Lent, our parish website (www.saintbrigid.net) will feature a daily meditation as well as occasional inspirational videos for spiritual reflection throughout the season of Lent.

Want a "Peek" at the Work in the Church?

In case you were not able to make last Saturday’s “peek,” I would like to invite those who wish to see some of the progress in our Church to gather after the 8:00 am Mass in Saint Anthony’s Hall next Saturday February 17th. After Mass, we can walk together to the Church to pray in thanksgiving for those who are making this work possible and to pray for the continued progress of the work itself.


An Exciting INSIDER'S VIEW to Church Renovation...

Fr. Tony took some great pictures that help give us a sense of what is going on inside the Church these days.  Take a gander...

(Click the thumbnail at the top of the photo album window to reveal the full picture and caption.)


Read All About our Lenten Soup Supper 2/20

Click here: pdf Lenten Soup Supper (88 KB) to find out the most current info and to register for our Lenten Soup Supper this February!

Fr. Martin to Lead Adult Enrichment Series - Begins 2/24

Back in the fall, we wanted to dedicate this year’s adult enrichment in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, giving us all an opportunity to examine our faith from an adult perspective. There are four “pillars” of our faith: the Creed, the Sacraments, Morality and Prayer Father Martin will offer a wonderful three-week presentation on the sacraments beginning on Monday, February 24th.

This three-week series (February 26, March 5 and March 12) will take place in the school library beginning at 7:30pm. We ask you to call the parish center (516-334-0021) to pre-register.

Just for Laughs

From time to time, we'll be changing the cartoon that appears down below on our web home page.  Scroll down to check out the most recent one.

Our Church Windows

It was the need to repair and restore our Church windows that was the driving force behind the campaign to renovate the Church. The issue of the windows first emerged in the 1984 renovation that was conducted during the time of Father Fred Schaefer. A stained glass company took advantage of the scaffolding that was set up in the sanctuary and told us that the windows were badly in need of repair. The same assessment was made (with even greater alarm) when scaffolding was put up in the Church for the last painting that took place in 2004. 

Of course, anyone passing along the side aisle on the north side of the Church could feel the "bowing" of the glass, especially around the ventilators (the bottom section that opens out). Perhaps one of the reasons for the damage to these windows was the fact that these windows were sealed shut against vandalism. On days when the Church was crowded, people would want to open these windows but couldn't. The pushing against the glass, we believe, is one of the reasons for the bowing of the glass in these windows.

The company who has been given this task of refinishing the windows is Bovard Studios. Many companies were interviewed. Some companies claimed that not all the windows needed work. Other companies claimed that for one million dollars they would be restored like new. Other companies said that they could work on some of the windows "in place." Other companies said that the windows had to be removed and refitted into proper frames with a special protective polycarbonate that would allow the window to "breathe" (and therefore not allow the lead to weaken through the variables of heat and cold throughout the seasons).

So, Bovard Studios was chosen because of the thoroughness of the work as well as the "best price" offer for the work (about $260,000). Each window is being removed; new aluminum frames will be created so that the window will sit in one channel of the frame and the polycarbonate protective covering in another channel -- allowing the windows to "breathe". Broken and chipped glass will be repaired and the entire window will be re-leaded. The ventilators will be made functional again and a complete restoration of these masterpiece windows will be done.

But, yes, there is a little downside to this. Because the work is so time-consuming, the windows will not be able to be done by the time the rest of the interior restoration work will be completed by Palm Sunday. The window work will happen over the course of the next nine months -- so that by September, all of the window work will be competed. 


New, Secure Poor Boxes in Chapel, Code, and St. Anthony's

Remembering The Poor...

With the Church building closed, we are experiencing a huge decline in poor box funds that help subsidize our Parish Outreach efforts. One way to continue donating for the poor at St. Brigid's is to designate funds for the Poor Box in an envelope and place it in the collection. Also - we have new, secure metal poor boxes in the School Chapel, Code Auditorium and St. Anthony’s Hall. Thanks for all you do to remember the poor here at St. Brigid's!

St Brigid Women's Bethany Team-Morning of Prayer 3/3

...invites all the women of our parish to a wonderful Lenten morning of Prayer on Saturday, March 3rd beginning at 10am in Saint Anthony’s Hall. The team has worked hard to prepare a great experience for all women. If you are able to join us, please contact Judi at 516-248-8146 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we will be prepared to provide the light breakfast and other supplies for the morning of prayer.

Attendees are also asked, if possible to bring items for our youth ministry midnight run which supplies needed support to the underprivileged – such as a new bag of socks, underwear, soap, shaving cream, deodorant, etc.

Men's Retreat at St. Brigid's - 3/24

As we draw closer to the celebration of Holy Week, Father Martin and Father Tony will conduct a day-long retreat experience on Saturday, March 24 for the men of the parish. The journey of Jesus reveals to us the face of the Father. Whom do we, as men, hold up as models for us in our religious journey? How do we deal with our own apparent failures along the way? We invite all men to save the date of this retreat (March 24 from 9 am to 4:30 pm) that will take place in Code Auditorium.

The Side Altars of Saint Brigid's Church

The "side Altars" of Saint Brigid's parish


In the return of the tabernacle to the center of the Church sanctuary, the question naturally arises as to what will happen with the side altars or "apses" recessed within each of the transepts of the Church. In the south transept where the tabernacle presently exists, we plan to make that a shrine to the Blessed Mother, dominated by the statue of Our Lady of Westbury, and possibly accompanied by the devotional pictures of the Blessed Mother that have adorned the Church that were at one time near the statue of Our Lady of Westbury. 


The Liturgical Office of the Diocese of Rockville Centre has told us that we are not to have two large crucifixes in the Church. The main crucifix, the one that has been part of the Church since its opening, is presently positioned in the sanctuary above the wood reredos. That is where we intend to keep that crucifix. Many people have come to associate that crucifix with our Church. The other crucifix was in the north apse. In removing this second crucifix, the question arises, what can be placed there?


 The idea came that there could be a statue of Jesus in that north apse. Back in 2003, Father Martin had commissioned a special statue for his church in Notre Dame. It is unique (truly one of a kind), carved of wood and painted in the same pastel colors of our Lady of Westbury. What Father Martin had designed in this statue was the concept of Jesus, surrounded by people of all races and cultures (similar to Mary with the children). As you can see in this picture, there are adults as well as children. What you may not be able to see in this picture is the fact that all the figures are touching each other -- the idea of interconnectedness of family -- the very heart and definition of Saint Brigid's church!


The statue is expensive (hand carved wood). Were someone to want to donate this statues in memory of a loved one, a $50,000 memorial (paid over time) would cover the cost of the statue.


A Prayer for the Renovation of our Church.

O Lord, we humbly ask you to bless the renovation of our beautiful Church of Saint Brigid’s. Guide and direct our efforts so that your welcoming presence may be experienced by all who enter our doors for many years to come. 

We thank you for the generosity of the parishioners of our past who provided for the establishment of our parish and for those who, over the past 100 years, have worked hard to maintain its beauty and splendor. We thank you as well for those in this present time who have provided the resources for this renovation work we now undertake. 

Bless the artists and the skilled men and women who will be working in our church. May the wonderful talents which You have given them be used well for the enhancement of our house of prayer. 

We pray that our refurbished Church will be a place where all who come here may find peace in times of weariness, hope in times of darkness, refreshment in times of spiritual dryness and praise-filled worship around the table of your Son, Jesus. 

May Saint Brigid of Kildare along with all the saints and angels intercede for us, strengthen us and protect us in our efforts. We ask all of this in the name of Jesus, your Son and our Lord, Amen. 


The Tabernacle and our Renovated Church

To read the latest from Fr. Tony on the Church Renovation, check out his most recent update on parish renovations resulting from our Capital Campaign, "For the Love of Mercy," CLICK HERE

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